Small Groups

We believe Small Groups are a BIG DEAL!  Jesus spent a huge portion of his life investing in a small group of people. We think a Small Group is where people’s lives are impacted and transformed. Our vision is for Small Groups to be more than just study: we hope Small Groups would include prayer, accountability, service, encouragement, and spiritual growth.  These groups will be small communities of young adults who are seeking to grow in their relationships with God and their understanding of what it means follow Jesus. Here’s what we have going for our Spring 2018 semester:

Digging into the New Testament
Sunday @ 8:00pm
This small group will journey through the New Testament, studying the Gospel stories and the life of the early Church, connecting them both to the Old Testament and the 21st Century.

Meets in the conference room at Wesley. Email Rev. Jim Reed with questions. (

Monday @ 6:00pm

Freshley is a group for freshmen and transfer students, focused on plugging you into a deeper relationship with God and a deeper relationship with your peers. We will be working through a short devotion each week from the book “The Wesley Challenge” by Chris Folmsbee. We will share food, fun, and fellowship, and go out for social outings around Manhattan!

Typically meets in the small group room at Wesley. Email Chelsea with questions. (

Ogden Friendship House
Tues/Thurs 3:15-5:30
The Ogden Friendship House (in Ogden, KS) after-school program is a mentor program that serves youth ages K-6th grade. Volunteers walk the kids from school to the Friendship House, prepare a snack, sing a prayer, and then have free time in which the volunteers help the kids with homework, play board games, or play outside. Email Shiana with questions. (

Friday AM
@ 11:00 am

Pajamas, Brunch, and Jesus!
Calling all ladies!! PB&J will be a time to gather together for brunch in our pajamas and talk about Jesus. Topics/curriculum will change throughout the semester. Meets in the ‘L’ at Wesley. Email Shiana with questions. (
Prayer Group
Wednesday @ 4:00 pm


Life, Love, Spirit
@ 8:00 pm

We will explore methods of developing prayer request lists, grow into our ability and desire to pray as an intimate conversation (rather than the typical formal stiffness), and develop the tools for prayer (such as prayer journals). Contact Nissi with questions. (

“Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers”. –Austin O’Malley


Life, Love, Leadership, Spirit (with scripture and a bunch of movie clips) is a group that is meant to aid in combining scripture with everyday concepts that people will face throughout their life. The scripture and analysis is rather simplistic but it is meant help discuss what everyday “bible lessons” can mean to Christians in today’s society. Meets in the Rogers Room at Wesley. Email Evan with questions! (