Our Vision

WesleyTree_v1 CENTEREDOur vision at K-State Wesley really revolves around reaching out, making disciples, and building up leaders.

Reaching Out

Wesley is a very open and welcoming community. Regardless of your history, we are here to help you grow into your future. Our hope is that people who do not know life with Jesus Christ will find life with Him through our community. We seek to be a community where people can belong even before you are certain about what you believe. So feel free to come as you are to Sunday Night dinner, a social, a small group, or worship!

Making Disciples

We are committed to helping students who have been part of the church in their younger years to mature as disciples. We have opportunities for worship, small groups, missions, and spiritual retreats to help you grow during these young adult years. If you loved your church back home, we hope you will love Wesley. It’s like a home away from home while you are in Manhattan.

Building Up Leaders

Wesley is also about building up leaders for the kingdom of God. We love having students being a part of our leadership team, leading a small group, leading in worship, or leading in service. Our hope is young adults when folks leave our Wesley community, they will be equipped to serve in their local church and beyond.

God has blessed us to build up leaders. Here are the folks who have left Wesley to go on to seminary since 2009:

Lora Andrews
Kyle Reynolds
Sam Needham
Shane Warta
Chelsea Shrack
Rebecca Goltry
Lori Patton
Houston Enfield
Rebekah Filmore

Others have gone onto full-time Christian ministry in local churches:

Tim Fleming
Leah Smarsh 

Even more young adults are serving as volunteer leaders in their local churches or other ministries. We hope to continue to build up leaders for the kingdom of God and the local church in the years to come!

If this vision is compelling to you, we hope that you will be a part of our Wesley family. Hope to see you soon!