Service Trips

We are planning our next service trip to Anapra, Mexico over Thanksgiving Break, Nov 20-28th, 2021. 


Past Spring Break Trips:

Mission trip to Anapra, Mexico to build gardens for 20 families in the community. Learn more about our adventure from our pictures!

A fun stop on our LONG drive to Mexico; the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico!

Welcome to beautiful Anapra, Mexico! We went for a drive to locate the homes where we’d be building gardens. Locating them was easier said than done since some streets are unnamed and houses rarely have numbers posted. What an adventure!

Step one in our garden building was to remove debris, break up the soil, and add gypsum to bring the soil to the correct pH for growing plants. Here we see the house with all the dogs, Tom demonstrating how to add the gypsum, and the ‘watering-in’ process which took 12 hours.

The next steps were to haul manure, mix it in, and build furrows at all 20 sites. All our hard work was done BY HAND! No fancy tools here! Buckets, shovels, spades, and rakes to boot!

We only had the van and a borrowed truck (when they could spare it) to do all our moving around, so we had to be flexible. Here’s Jacob and Noah in the back of the van, and Chelsea, Grace, Emma and Carol waiting for a ride to their next garden!

We did it! After a week of hard work we finished all 20 gardens. Our last steps were planting seeds/live plants and installing fences/gates/doors to keep pests out. This garden belongs to a gentleman named John. He had us make a sign that reads: “Roosters, dogs, and grandchildren not allowed”. Haha!

We got to spend a day celebrating with the school kids of the Colegio Susana Wesley school and even walked with them in their parade! So much fun.

Well done, team! We built 20 gardens from start to finish and got to experience the beautiful community of Anapra. We will definitely be back because we left our hearts in Anapra!

-Great Plains Annual Conference Campus Ministries Mission Trip to La Grange, Texas (Hurricane Relief)

Our group from K-State Wesley traveled with our friends from Wesley KU to La Grange, TX to join other campus ministries from around Kansas and Nebraska to serve those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Hard at work! Our team helped replace windows in one home, cut, hung, and mudded Sheetrock in another home, and helped clean up a trailer park to get it ready for FEMA trailers. Well done, team!!

The whole Great Plains Annual Conference group!